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April's Bear Necessities

April's Bear Necessities
 89 gold St
Milton, NH 03851
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About April's Bear Necessities
   I started making teddy bears 28 years ago, when my Mom couldn't find the bear I had when I was little. Willy went everywhere with me but he suddenly disappeared when I was about 9. So I found a pattern for several non-jointed bears and found some
 golden faux fur and made another Willy bear. I found another pattern for several sizes of jointed bears while visiting a doll shop in Virginia and again, I found more fur and made more bears. And so it began!

  Every bear I make is one of a kind. From the size, color of fur and facial expressions, no two bears are alike. Over the years, I have made bears out of faux fur, baby blankets, skirts, shirts and even a wool sweater that went into the dryer by accident!.  

April's Bear Necessities first startedin Sanford, Maine. and is now operated right here out of my home in Milton, NH. I have finally built my dream work shop and I am ready for you to visit! My craft has blossomed over the past 28 years, I’ve treated every customer like they were buying a part of my family. Other companies may offer similar items, but my bears are all individually made with love and come with a personal touch. 

Committed to helping my customers find that special friend.